Baker Lane Vineyards produces cool-climate, organically farmed Syrah, Pinot Noir, & Viognier from our home and farm in Sebastopol, Ca.

We are nestled in a modest but beautifully situated hidden valley west of the town of Sebastopol. The proximity to the Pacific Ocean offers cool, daily maritime breezes that provide optimal conditions for Syrah and Viognier—the vines we’ve planted at our estate -- as well as Pinot Noir, which we grow at a vineyard just across the street. These qualities, among others, make our moderate Sonoma Coast appellation distinct. Although much of this valley is now planted in vines, tremendous biodiversity remains intact. 

Our farm (called RoadsEnd Farm) supports not only grapes, but a diversity of other fruits, vegetables, and plant life. As our agricultural exploration has revealed, we’re not just growing plants, we’re growing flavor, ­­specifically the flavor of this place. This recognition propels a commitment to winegrowing and winemaking that gains depth and nuance with each passing year. The land is teaching us a great deal, and we are willing learners. 2017 will mark our 13th year. 


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Stephen Singer, Owner

In 1983, with his daughter Fanny in utero, the idea of a working life in the wine business emerged for Stephen Singer. Fanny’s Mother, Alice Waters, encouraged Stephen to open a retail store in San Francisco, and Singer & Foy Wines was born. A bottle shop with a wine tasting schedule of global scope, the shop provided ample on-the-job business and detailed wine education. Traveling broadly throughout the wine world with his mentor, Kermit Lynch, Alice and others, Stephen was instilled with a fine appreciation for the subtleties of culture AND viticulture that make wines of distinction a possibility.

In serving 15 years as a Board Member and the wine director for Chez Panisse, Stephen was engaged in the ongoing green revolution that it helped spawn. This motivated him to celebrate the indelible connection between the earth and a gracious table through a variety of pursuits, including César in Berkeley, and Stephen Singer, Olio, an importer and distributor of Italian oils and vinegars.This entrepreneurial spirit, tethered to a desire to gain an empirical understanding of viticulture and winemaking, led to the creation of Baker Lane Vineyards. It has provided Stephen the rare opportunity to transform its 15 acres in to a bio-dynamically farmed Syrah and Viognier vineyard with singular terroir, olive orchard and home. Baker Lane’s mission to produce sustainably grown, exceptional expressions of cool climate Syrah, Viognier and Pinot Noir has drawn on all aspects of Stephen’s experience.

Stephen is also an avid painter. You can view his work at, or you can contact Stephen directly by email:


Greg Adams, Winemaker

Greg Adams and Stephen Singer began their collaboration in 2007, when it became clear that Greg’s skill set was distinctly well-suited to help Baker Lane achieve its far-reaching goals for sustainability and viticultural excellence. Greg has worked for over 25 years in developing and farming an impressive array of vineyards in California, including work for Flowers, Stags Leap, and Lynmar. Initially trained at Cal Poly and UC Davis, Greg also went on to gain extensive international experience, plying his trade globally in Mendoza, South Africa, France, and Italy. Along the way, Greg has accumulated extensive knowledge of cutting edge organic and bio-dynamic practices.

Over the last five growing seasons, Greg has deepened his involvement with Baker Lane and he now fully oversees the winemaking regime. As Baker Lane’s philosophy emphasizes the essential connection between site and flavor, having someone with Greg’s keen attention to detail, fine palate, and deep institutional memory is invaluable in helping to insure optimal agricultural outcomes that lead to exceptional wines in turn. His ongoing viticultural oversight and winemaking role are essential elements in the Baker Lane’s quest to constantly elevate its ‘winegrowing’ efforts to an ever higher level.

Please feel free to contact us with any question or inquiries.

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